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SPALTO is the primary point of contact for schools correspondence such as newsletters, password resets, etc. Upon registering, a link will be emailed to the administrator outlining the terms and conditions of the school's enrolment and authentication process. .


Barangays District are encouraged to try new online real time Barangay District Management System design to be used by ABC President, BD Captains, Administrators, Constituents and others to "Have a Go and Register the Barangay"


Easy Path to a Powerful Web Presence. Without a Web presence, your business or organization might as well not exist. A website is the modern equivalent of a business card. But becoming a recognizable name on the Internet takes more than just finding a place to list your contact info


Charis Project Management Systems has the capacity to help plan, organize, and manage resource pools and develop resource estimates.

Latest Work


Historical Background

In 2004, a passion of one person and a vision of helping children through the use of technology gave birth to CHARIS NETWORK. With one customer and two employees, Charis Network made its journey to set out on a way in which system administration would not only mould the world of educators, but also forever change the way administrators do their daily task. For ten years, several customers were served, it was just the beginning. Building on a track record of innovation and a vision proven true throughout every economic and IT shift, now more than ever, Charis Network is fuelled by the innovative spirit that inspired by its goals to continually transform the IT industry. Charis Network’s 10-year history of success is defined by a few key themes: That “real-time” online data processing can help bring students, parents, administrators, librarians, teachers and others closer to Learner’s progress Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that enable Charis Network to move what’s technically possible An early commitment to collaboration and co-creating solutions with educators and learners alike

2004 - Mother Company Charis Australia Incorporated headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Services are provided through private and government institutions and slowly building relations in many countries around the globe.
- Charis Australia Incorporated developed its first Project with Bob Hughes Christian School in South Granville NSW Australia known as the Students-Parents-Administration-Librarians-Teachers-Online (SPALTO) a prototype Integrated School Management System developed by Charis Australia Incorporated.

2010 - Charis Network Solutions Addis Ababa Ethiopia was founded. It had build relations and strong ties with the City Government Of Addis Ababa Ethiopia, TVET Agency and Defense Industries.
- Charis Network Solutions and Prime Consultants Plc a Company in Ethiopia made a Partnership Venture to expand the services and technological development offered.

2014 – Charis Network Essentials Inc. was established. From a Partnership Company to a Private Corporation with its Corporate registration number: "CS201425019".


Why Choose us?

Connect to the World

Charis Network Essentials Inc., a leader in Systems Development Solutions technology and innovation is a premier provider of end-to-end System Design for Enterprise IT, Datacentre, Cloud Computing, HPC and Embedded Systems worldwide.

Company Profile

Charis Network Solutions' advanced development System Design, ERP Solutions offers a vast array of OOP, programming components for building efficient system, application-optimized, and computing solutions. This broad line of system designs includes ERP Solutions, Schools Management Systems, Hospital systems, also provide consultancy to hardware systems like workstations, motherboards, chassis, power supplies, storage technologies, networking solutions and rackmount cabinets/accessories. Architecture innovations include Twin Architecture, Super Blade, Super Storage Bridge Bay (SBB), Double-Sided Storage™, Universal I/O (UIO) and WIO expansion technology all of which deliver unrivalled performance and value.

Charis Network Essentials combines 18+ years of advanced programming experience with efficient system development and integration expertise to develop system design solutions. The company is committed to protecting the environment through its “use Green” initiative. From motherboards and power supplies designed with the latest high-efficiency components to intelligent power management and cooling subsystems, Charis Network Essentials Inc. committed to use the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions available on the market.

The Company's mission is to develop and lead the highest quality of Software Solutions to clients in the Global Arena.

"To become the leading and most sought Software Development Company"


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Airport Road,
Tagbilaran City,
Bohol, Philippines
Tel : (038) 501-4472

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